Fish Oil – Cholesterol Lowering

Learn how fish oil, cholesterol and your health are closely related. Should you supplement? Among all of the numerous benefits of supplementing with fish oil, cholesterol lowering is yet another reason to include this into your daily diet.

In fact, there is a study in the July 2006 edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showing that supplementing with fish oil was more effective at raising HDL (so called “good”) cholesterol levels than statins were! Now the truth is that statins do a great job of lowering cholesterol, but at a great risk to your health. Ideally you want to avoid them at all costs – the side effects are just too damaging.

Statins decrease your Coenzyme Q10 levels leading to muscle soreness/weakness and even heart failure! They never address the actual cause of the problem…they just lower the numbers! (Why do you have high cholesterol in the first place?) Unfortunately this is the case with most medications.

Fish oil side effects on the other hand are practically non-existent except in rare cases. Also the benefits of fish oil are just too great to avoid. Fish oil and cholesterol lowering is not a new concept as studies have consistently shown the improvements omega 3 has on cholesterol. More information here:

Fish Oil – Cholesterol Lowering Naturally

Other ways to naturally lower cholesterol include regular exercise and healthy eating – primarily by keeping your insulin levels at bay. Increased insulin levels are the true cause of many chronic diseases, and correcting this is much more powerful than using fish oil for lowering cholesterol.

How do you lower insulin? Eliminate (or at least cut down) sugar and grains from your diet. Our bodies were not designed to handle them, at least not for long. I strongly suggest you supplement with omega 3 fats if you have high cholesterol and also if you don’t. It’s a genetic requirement whether or not you are experiencing any symptoms!

Herb Grinder Cards

If you have been interested in the herb grinder world for a while, you will have seen these inexpensive grinder cards that can easily fit in your wallet or pocket. They are roughly the same size as a standard credit card and come with a printed case to increase stealth.


I have used these and they are really cool, they are super convenient and simple to use, whats more they only cost around $10. They have a razor sharp cutting surface that safely grinds your herb to a fine consistency. I have used these extensively and so far mine is still razor sharp. They come in a carry sleeve that keeps the cutting blades away from your fingers and stops it chewing up your wallet.

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The only problems I can see with this product is that it can be rather wasteful, a lot of the thc is wasted using this method of grinding because it will fly off when it is being ground. From my personal experience these are also a little fiddly to use at first, I actually sliced my finger the first time I took it out of its sleeve.
Here is a video showing you how it works so you can get a better idea! The video shows the 2 card technique, however it works great with just one card (see the video at MrVapo.Com).
I think the main selling point of these card grinders is the cool designs you can get these in. There are literally hundreds of differing designs. Click here to see some of my favorites.

As you can see, these cards make short work of grinding your material. Looking closely however you will notice that the grind is nowhere near fine enough to use in a vaporizer. If you a looking for a vaporizer grinder, check this out!

This grind is perfect for joints, blunts and bongs and especially for your Volcano vaporizer (read MrVapo Volcano Vaporizer review). If you are looking to get a cheap and portable grinder, this may be for you. If you are looking for a more convenient solution; I highly recommend you check out my best 4 piece grinder of 2014 page.
At the end of the day, if you don’t want the hassle of carrying around a smelly grinder all day or don’t want the risk of getting busted with paraphernalia the this may be the solution for you! Keep in mind the trade offs: